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Another happy client today. BeforeI don't particularly like working Sundays, but you take the work when you can get it! With the winter months just around the corner, we find ourselves with fewer calls and a rather less-busy diary. Such is the life of a garden services provider...

We visited a now-happy client in Blantyre and removed the ivy that was overgrowing upon the rear of her house.After

With our magical product, Ivy-Be-Gone, I can confirm that the ivy is no more.

Before I begin today's little update, we have capacity this week still! So if you're looking for that last cut, or your hedges trimmed now that the birds aren't nesting, or anything else garden related, drop us a message and we will arrange your quote.

Now, I'm usually a subscriber of the opinion that the customer is always right. But, that opinion has been challenged somewhat by today's little exchange of messages between myself and someone enquiring about a front & back cut...

We're getting there! Big job today - 35 linear metres, approximately 80 metres square of conifer hedgerow - trim, thin and top! Phew, nothing like a bit of hard work to make you feel alive!

Expecting to be carting around 100 cubic metres of waste over to the recycling centre once we've finished cutting. Not looking forward to that - I've just brushed out the van! ??


 Idiot! So... it got dark rapidly this evening. This has been my first full-day-expanding-into-two day job since the clocks went back for autumn. And the darkness now descends before 5pm.

So I packed up, leaving the waste to collect on the morro... couple of hours picking up conifer cuttings, have a once-over, take a few pictures for the invoice and website, and it's job done... only, I cannot get home! I've flattened the battery on the van! ? DOH!

I've had my phone and smartwatch on charge for most of the day. The van did turn over initially, but since I have this split O-ring on the fuel pipe, I occasionally have to prime the fuel on the diesel engine when it hasn't been started for a good few hours... and this evening is one such occasion. After priming it, I went to start it again, and judd judd ju. .. nope, dead battery.

So now I'm sitting waiting for the homeowner to return home from work so that I can get a jump start from his van. The lady of the house has lent her car to her daughter, so couldn't give me a jump start. Hopefully this time, I'll learn... get my second battery installation finished! And make sure that second battery is charged ? - its currently in the van. It's just not charged. Oops...

Hows My driving

In order to tick off another item from my rather lengthy to-do list, I am looking at getting the van covered in decorative vinyl. Not only are signs on a vehicle important to identify who you are, they are also a great free advert for your business! Well, free other than the cost of designing & getting your sign(s) made up and then getting them put on your vehicle.

If you don't have signs on your vehicle, you're probably giving away lots of business that otherwise could have picked up the phone, tablet, computer keyboard and contacted you for a quote. That's how I am justifying the cost in my head, anyway. Businesses spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each month to advertise on billboards, in the Yellow pages, on Google or Bing, any other insert-search-engine of choice, or other internet advert(s), and probably even more if we include traditional media, such as radio, television and the trusty newspaper. Why the hell would they miss the opportunity to advertise for free with each and every vehicle they put on the road?

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