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South Lanarkshire's premier provider of garden maintenance and landscaping services. Centred in Blantyre, our routine maintenance service covers North & South Lanarkshire, and Glasgow. For large projects requiring our expertise, we can travel further afield.

Is your garden an unmanageable jungle, in dire need of a make over? Or simply looking for someone to mow your lawn regularly and trim your hedge(s) whilst you are at work.

Whatever your need, we provide a tailored package to suit. Finally you can sit back in your beloved garden, enjoying the Scottish sunshine! Why not, you've earned it, after all!

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Our parent company, The Bot Factory Ltd, can even give your digital real-estate it's own much needed makeover!

From simple contact-us business web pages, to bespoke CMS and back up strategies, our IT consultant service is waiting for your call.

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In order to tick off another item from my rather lengthy to-do list, I am looking at getting the van covered in decorative vinyl. Not only are signs on a vehicle important to identify who you are, they are also a great free advert for your business! Well, free other than the cost of designing & getting your sign(s) made up and then getting them put on your vehicle.

If you don't have signs on your vehicle, you're probably giving away lots of business that otherwise could have picked up the phone, tablet, computer keyboard and contacted you for a quote. That's how I am justifying the cost in my head, anyway. Businesses spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each month to advertise on billboards, in the Yellow pages, on Google or Bing, any other insert-search-engine of choice, or other internet advert(s), and probably even more if we include traditional media, such as radio, television and the trusty newspaper. Why the hell would they miss the opportunity to advertise for free with each and every vehicle they put on the road?

You're travelling to a client's premises - "How's My Driving?" sign as it appears on the back of a vehicle.someone sees your sign, thinks oh I need my garden doing! I'll give them a call right now. They might not be in when you knock on their door, and might just throw your leaflet in the junk-mail-bin without even looking at it. But when that individual, who has been meaning to get around to booking a gardener, sees you drive past, or pull into their neighbour's drive, sees your sign it might just be the push they needed to book one. And wouldn't you prefer the one they book to be you? Or me! laughing

So, I'm getting some signs done! I'm also joining a "How's my driving?" service. I was considering just getting a sticker and putting our company landline number on it - but does that really give off the right professional image that I am trying to project? Anyone calling to report my driving would be reporting me, to me! sealed That really doesn't work. Sure, if it was another of our drivers, then it works. But I know if I was the person seeing that sign, and noticed that the number was the same as the company sales hotline, I'd be questioning it's legitimacy in the back of my mind. Besides, some of these services offer lots of additional features, like the ability to provide the caller with feedback, conflict resolution, and other website-related features that are just not a part of our core business. So it makes real sense to outsource this sort of stuff to another company where this is their core business.

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