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Woke up this morning, feeling fine. There was a little something on my mind - I had a job to go to, and a quotation to complete for one of our new clients. Whilst our new van has been a reliable little runner throughout August, she has just one little issue. As with most vehicles, they develop their own little personalities, but treat them right and they will provide you with years of reliable service.

Our little Peugeot is no exception - if left to her own devices for more than a few hours, she decides that she should take the fuel away. One has to open the bonnet, prime the fuel bulb several times until you see the fuel returning up the clear plastic tube, and then she starts immediately. At least, that's been the case thus far...

Today, however, she had other ideas. If you want the technical reason for this little issue, there is a nick in the O ring - the little rubber ring that creates a vacuum seal between the pipe and its inlet valve. In this case, the fuel pipe and the inlet it connects to on the fuel pump. Because of this nick, there is not a complete seal, and the fuel slowly drains back down the pipe and back into the tank. Manually de-pressing the primer bulb until you see the fuel return is enough to get the van going, and then the fuel pump happily takes over for another day's hassle free motoring.

Well, in a rush to get to the client's premises, today I forgot about the priming, and tried to start the van several times until I remembered. I primed the bulb, attempted another start, then primed the bulb again, but the stubborn old girl wasn't having it. Another prime, and she was good to go - firing instantly. Off I went, did a little 3-point turn to get out of the car-pack, and - boom... I stalled her. Deep breath, don't panic! I turned her over, bruum...bruu... click. Tried again. Click. Tried a third time, click. Oh, dear! Have I flattened the battery? Or has the starter motor started it's last engine?

I took off the battery and put it on charge. Luckily, I could use the car, since this client wanted a quotation and we didn't have to start work immediately, so I could dispense with bringing any tools. A pen, a notepad, and a trusty tape-measure was all that was required. I would have liked to have gotten work started today, but it seems the van had other ideas.

Upon returning home, I connected up the battery, turned the key... Click! She just wouldn't have it. We tried jump starting here with a set of jump leads, to no avail. One call to the AA, and within the hour he was telling me that the starter motor (as we suspected) was goosed, and she needed a new one.

I have sourced the part. I tried a couple of local scrapyards, but neither had one in stock. As it happens, they would have charged £30 - whereas I can pick up a new one from the friendly people over at the Autoparts Trade Centre on the Hillhouse Industrial Estate in Hamilton, for £50 + VAT. For all the difference, I may as well have a new part that is covered by warranty rather than a used part that could fail again at any time.

Now I just need to fit the thing! surprised

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