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Professional provider of Landscaping & Garden Maintenance services across South Lanarkshire & Glasgow

Professional Landscaping & Garden Maintenance

We are a professional provider of landscaping & garden maintenance services, established in 2021 and with many years gardening experience, we are well placed to provide for all of your garden-related needs. We cover North & South Lanarkshire, as well as many areas within Glasgow, with a range of generous discounts for new clients & those who recommend our services to others. As well as offering competitive prices, if you can find a service provided by one of our competitors, just let us know and we will try our best to match it.

For more details, check out the services that we can offer - then simply contact us for your free, no obligation quote!


Here is a small sample of what some of our customers had to say about us...

...thank you so much. My roommate says you did excellent work. I can't wait to see!
...Would recommend this company to others and would use again. Michael and his team did a great job tidying our overgrown garden...
Halfway, South Lanarkshire, reviewed via Shirlae
...Didn't seem to be in a rush like other gardeners I have used in the past. Knowledgeable, friendly, polite and well mannered. Reasonable rates - I was prepared to pay more. Will definitely be using again...
Parkhead, Glasgow, reviewed via TommieW



If you would like to hear more about our small business, read on...


Founded in 2020...

Hi, I am Michael. I am the founder and Managing Director of The Bot Factory Ltd and Blantyre Botanicals. Like many individuals, the pandemic of 2020 and related economic turmoil had a catastrophic affect upon my life. A professional software development engineer and IT consultant, I found myself furloughed and subsequently redundant. Being employed within the recruitment industry for a leading developer of a web-based 360° recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution really didn't help at a time when nobody is hiring and instead, cutting back on recruitment related costs!


The Bot Factory was born...

With limited resources at my disposal, I founded The Bot Factory Ltd, with the intention of providing freelance IT services. At the height of lockdown, I quickly found that, of the companies I was able to connect with, and despite best efforts, just were not willing to invest in digital growth at this time. "We know we need a website, but we're not looking to spend at the moment", "we really don't have the budget at this present time due to the COVID situation" - these became the stock responses to my enquiries. It was unprecedented - for the first time since the turn of the millennium, nobody wanted to invest in digital services, preferring to stick with their existing (inadequate) provision, or focus solely on their social media platform and forego having a website for the time being. Unable to physically visit company premises really didn't help, and the feelings of loneliness and isolation grew. I used to be a great advocate of the benefits of digital connections — but now, I don't care what anyone says, speaking on the telephone, communicating via instant messaging and over (admittedly great) video platforms like Zoom and Skype, just aren't the same as good old face-to-face and a tactile handshake.



Long term, we know we will need a website. But we're sticking with our Facebook page for now. It's worked for us so far




There comes a point in the majority of our lives when one has a chance to stop, breathe, and take stock of where we are and where we have come from. It may be in response to a negative situation, or you may be lucky and arrive at such a juncture by choice. Someone once provided me with a plaque, which reads "don't forget where you came from, but NEVER lose sight of where you are going"  — and never have I read a truer word than when I looked at this plaque on my living room wall, during the 2nd lockdown of 2020.

What are your passions? What do you care about? What qualifications do you have? As well as my extensive background in IT, I have a wealth of gardening experience. From years of part-time work through my teens, later paying my way through university into and during my early twenties, to receiving a First-class honours degree in Environmental Science as a mature student, I really am not your typical IT geek!

And so it was that Blantyre Botanicals was born. Coincidentally, the name of the limited company I formed — to provide IT contracting services — lends itself equally to a landscape gardening company!


Bot, robot, robotics, automated search bot

Bot, botanic, botanical, botanicals


If you believe in such things, you could call it fate... Or just a stroke of dumb luck.

--- Michael Thomas BSc (Hons), HND, MBCS, MRHS (Pending), CMTGG (Pending)


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