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(If you have selected a portfolio piece, then scroll down to read the details). This is just a small sample of some of the work we have completed for our happy customers. Each piece below is a "before" and "after" - hover over the image to see a picture of the finished project! You will also be presented with a brief description of the project and if you click the button, you will be able to see more pictures relating to that job, and read all about the work we undertook to make that client a happy client.
Laying Flagstones
Laying Flagstones

Bothwell Landscaping

Bothwell - this client had his garden dug up to repair a broken drain beneath. We landscaped the area once the repair was completed.
Before we arrived!
Before we arrived!

Conan Court

Hired by their daughter, this elderly client couldn't maintain his now overgrowing garden. We completed this clearance in just one afternoon, even taking the rubbish free as a gesture of goodwill.
Horse Tail Weeds! OH NO!
Horse Tail Weeds! OH NO!

Horse Tail (Invasive Species)

This client was unfortunately infested with Horse Tail - an invasive species that is goverened by special laws specified by the Environment Protection Agency. We safely cleared the site and disposed of the weed.

This landscaping job was performed on behalf of Auger, a sewers and drainage specialist, who act on behalf of the UK insurance industry. and property, situated off Bothwellpark Road, Bothwell. For the past 12-18 months, the homeowner was in the rather unfortunate position of having a river of effluent flowing down is driveway any time they, or the neighbouring properties, flushed their lavatories or used their bathrooms.


Situated on the grounds of an old orchard and farmhouse, the land surrounding this property was once part of the old Lord of Hamilton's Estate.

Beneath the conjunction of fences separating several properties there is an old victorian sewer, built some time during the 1800s. At some point during 2020, this old sewer cracked.

After much discussion between the homeowner, their neighbours, Scottish Water, Environmental Health and several sewerage & insurance companies, this old sewer was finally repaired in August 2021.


The amazing team at Auger had taken two weeks to do what everyone else couldn't do in 12 months - surprised. Whilst the drain was repaired, the fences restored & the driveway replaced, the homeowner's once beautiful garden now contained a large patch of dirt where once there was a raised step & turf.

It was at this point that Auger contacted Blantyre Botanicals to employ our services. Landscape gardening falls outside of their area(s) of expertise.


Auger contacted us in September 2021 and asked if we were able to restore the homeowners garden at short notice - I think anyone would be getting impatient when a repair takes 18-months and ruins your garden.

We adjusted our work schedules and set to work. After five days the homeowner couldn't be happier at the result! Have a look and see for yourself.

Built in 1991, the garden of this property was originally only half the size of its current dimensions. Although it was part of the deeds to the property, the area that we landscaped had previously been a public footpath, and it was only in recent years that the homeowner extended his fence to enclose this area (as is typical across Scotland and the rest of the UK, gangs of youths like to visit isolated areas. Since the footpath was actually private land, the continued abuse led to the privilege being removed. Quite right, we say! They where warned...).

A large embankment ran down the middle of the garden, having been the previous location of the garden fence. We removed a lot of earth that had been dumped on this embankment, and seeded the area with grass seed. Sadly, it proved too difficult to lay turf. We will return in a few weeks to see how the seed is growing! Should it need more, we would be only too happy to sow some more. As you can see from the images, we built a raised platform for the client, and painted it to match his fence. Once the groundworks were completed within this raised step, we put down a protective membrane to stop weeds from growing through to the surface, and added a layer of type 1 hardcore. We then covered this with a further layer of decorative chippings to match the colour scheme chosen by the homeowner.

To make a decorative entrance into the rear of the garden, we laid a few flagstones chosen by the homeowner to create an attractive path leading into the raised step, and down into the rear of their garden. We hope, now that their 18-month ordeal is finally over, that they can enjoy their garden for many years to come!



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