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We provide hard and soft landscaping services.

  • Hardscaping

    Like the hardware that makes up the durable, semi-permanent features of the physical machine, hard landscaping, or hardscaping, refers to the building blocks, the foundations, of your garden. The rocks, stones, masonry or wooden elements that define the space of your garden. These are the fundamental elements that go to creating your garden's sense of space, tying in the garden and landscape to the rest of your property. These materials, too often considered as an after-thought, are very important in defining the look and feel of your home.
    We can help you choose and position the hardscape materials that best fit the vision you have for your perfect garden.
  • Softscaping

    If hardscaping is defining the permanent physical features, the hardware of your garden, then softscaping is the art of defining the living, changeable aspects of your garden. The plants, trees & shrubs, the mulch, the lawn, the dirt, even the pond! The soft landscaping elements are often where people get overwhelmed & confused, frozen in their decision making when deciding how they want their entire landscape to look. By separating the hard from the soft, we can help you understand the building blocks that will bring your perfect garden to life.
    The planter box and the stone that forms your pond are hardscaping elements, whilst the softscaping elements are the plants, the water and the fish; when you bring them both together, your completed garden springs to life, and your vision becomes reality.

Price stated can vary, but is often quoted per unit, which may be length or area when appropriate - per metre, or square metre (m²) of land to be scaped.

Garden clearance

Far too often, our busy 24/7 lifestyles prevent us from working on our gardens. Who wants to come home from work and get on their gloves and wellies and spend the evening tending our gardens? Very few of us, that's who! And before long, our once tidy green space has become a wild jungle; overflowing with all varieties of weeds and unwanted pests.

With the utmost professionalism, we will quickly clear up your garden, restoring it to its previously managed state, or back to that blank canvas, ready for you to re-build it in your own style.

Please see waste removal, below, for more details on disposing of your green waste.

Price stated is usually per square metre (m²).

Lawn care

We can provide regular lawn maintenance to suit your needs and budget. From a one-off trim because your regular gardener cannot attend this month, to a regular fortnightly or monthly visit, we can keep your grassy areas trim and tidy.

Lawn care isn't just keeping the grass trimmed through regular mowing. Grass, like all life on this planet, requires food, water and oxygen.
For best results, we can tailor a lawn care package to suit your budget, that includes:

  • regular mowing
  • feeding and watering
  • aeration
  • weeding

Price stated is usually per square metre (m²).

Trees & Shrubs

We can provide the following services in order to keep your trees & shrubs in tip top condition:

  • Pruning
  • Thinning
  • Trimming
  • Pollarding
    Cutting off the top and branches in order to promote new uniform growth.

Price stated is usually per tree or shrub.

Tree/stump removal

Fed up of tripping over that unsightly tree stump in the middle of your lawn? Do you have a tree that is blocking the light from your favourite room no matter how much trimming and pruning you do?

We can remove them for you.

Please note that we cannot provide a quote for tree felling until we have viewed the tree or shrub to be removed. Health and safety reasons aside, there may be specific order(s) or laws preventing us from cutting the designated tree.

Also note, trees differ vastly in size and some trees may be too big for us to remove safely.

Price stated is usually per tree or stump.

Hedge Trimming

We can trim your hedgerows to your stated size and specification.

Price is measured using length, usually stated per metre (m). For unusually large or overgrown hedges, this may be measured using area, and stated per square metre (m²).


the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.

We can trim your trees, bushes, shrubs or hedges into your very own work of art.

Most gardeners provide simple geometric shapes, such as any typical neat & tidy bush or hedge. However, we can trim your chosen shrub into a work of art.

Please note that not all bushes or shrubs can be styled in such a fashion, and may take a while to be trained to grow in a certain manner.


A weed is simply any plant that is growing in a place that was not intended for it to grow. For example, roses are weeds if you do not want to be growing roses!

We can rid your garden of all your unwanted plants.

We can avoid the use of weed killer by applying heat to the weed and its roots by using a butane powered gas torch specifically designed to target weeds and their roots.

As well as weeding your lawn, flower beds, driveways and patios, we can apply our own special blend of organic weed killer.

Our weed killers are made to one of two specific & secret recipes. Both are acidic and when sprayed on a plant, will quickly kill it off within two-three weeks.

The first is a contact spray, suitable for spraying on flower beds & other areas in which you may wish to grow things in future.

The second spray is similarly acidic, but with a high sodium chloride content, all but guaranteeing that nothing will grow in this area for a long time to come. Such spray is suitable for driveways, patios, and other areas where you do not want anything to grow, ever.

Stated price for weeding, including an optional application of weed killer, or heat treatment, is usually priced per square metre (m²).

Waste Removal

For our domestic customers, in the first instance we will dispose of your garden waste via your council-provided green waste bin. Excess waste will be bagged for disposing at your convenience. Optionally, we can remove this excess waste for a fee - we will take away the first couple of bags free of charge. Should there be more waste, we typically charge an additional fee per bag (~70 litres). As a business, we cannot simply take green waste to a council recycling centre - in South Lanarkshire, for example, we get charged per van load, at a rate of £79. This cost is NOT INCLUDED within the price of a standard quote, unless you ask for it to be included.

The waste produced from a gardening job varies wildly - from a small amount of grass cuttings trimming an already maintained lawn, to 1-3,000 litres (15-40 bags!) of green waste strimming 100m² of jungle. Ever wondered why one gardener charges a mere £150 to strim a grossly overgrown garden, whilst another charges £400? The latter has factored in the cost of disposing of that green waste, whilst the former expects you to do it (or worse, fly tips).

To keep costs down, we typically do not add waste disposal to our domestic quotations. We feel that this gives you the most cost-effective service, giving you the option of finding a cheaper alternative to dispose of your green waste - many of our domestic clients prefer to take the green waste to the council recycling centre free of charge. Optionally, we can take away your excess green waste at the stated rate per bag.

Instead of itemising waste disposal costs on your quote, these costs are clearly defined in the terms & conditions agreed when you accept your quote. When we commence work on your garden or property in your presence, it is understood that you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions. At any point up to commencement of work, subject to a termination fee to cover our costs to date, or loss of deposit, you are free to terminate the contract and not be bound by these T&Cs.

For our business customers, who typically do not have a council-provided green waste bin, we will always factor in waste disposal when giving you a quote. You can be rest assured that the price stated will be the price invoiced. There will be no nasty surprises when you receive an invoice from us because you failed to read the small-print or T&Cs on your earlier quotation.

Where possible, we will put waste management/disposal as a separate line on your quotation, so that our costs are transparent and easily verified. We do not artificially inflate the cost of waste disposal and then bury it in amongst the other costs where you subsequently cannot check it using google.

Mulching & Composting
Instead of disposing of your green waste, why not build a compost heap, or feed your existing plants & shrubs with fresh mulch? We have dedicated chipping, shredding and mulching machines that can do just that. Within minutes, those branches and leaves can be turned into a fine mulch, ready to put around your newly-planted shrubs & flowers, or onto your compost heap.

Autumn & Winter Weather

We provide a range of services specific to the autumn and winter seasons. Such services include:

  • Snow clearing
  • Salting paths & driveways
  • Clearing leaves
  • Repairing storm damage

Please enquire for further details. The items stated above are usually priced per square metre (m²).

Fences & Decking

We can repair any damage suffered to your decking and fences through bad weather, or from simple wear and tear.

We can stain or paint your fences or decking. As well as providing a professional weather proof finish to your garden woodwork, such services will include a jet wash to prepare the surfaces for fresh paint, and may include removal of any existing finish where required, in order to prepare the surface correctly to receive paint.

These services will be priced by length, in metres, or by area, in square metres, where appropriate.

Driveways & Patios

We can provide a range of services to care for your drive and patio areas.

  • Repair broken slabs
  • Levelling uneven surface(s)
  • Pressure washing

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements. Prices are usually based upon area, and stated per square metre.

Gutters & Sheds
We can care for your property's gutters and prevent you from a future and expensive blocked drain repair.

Garden sheds may have been in place for many years, and over time their roofs become damaged, or their felt begins to leak. We can repair or replace the roof, or simply remove and replace the felt, giving your garden shed a facelift and weather-proofing it for years to come.

Prices stated are usually based on length or area, where appropriate, in metres or square metres.

Other (Man in a Van?)

Do you require a service that has not been listed above?

Ask, and we will be only too happy to assist — if it is within our means. Perhaps you have recently renovated your bathroom and have a pile of building materials and debris cluttering your drive or garden? Perhaps you're moving house and want to bring some treasured garden items with you, be they fixed or free-standing?

It need not be garden related, either — if it can be carried out by a man in a van, we can quote for and carry out the task for you. Don't be afraid to ask — nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say!

We are working on a unique feature for our website which will enable you to fill out a simple form in order to request a quotation. Along with your name, address, photographs and other relevant details in order for us to create your quotation or estimate, you will be able to draw directly upon a google map to detail exactly the area(s) you wish for us to work on!

By drawing a polygon (rectangle, triangle, or custom-sized-shape) directly onto the map, we will instantly know all the measurements required to calculate your quote without even needing to visit your address(es)! This will allow us to turn around your request very quickly. No longer will you have to wait at home whilst somebody from Blantyre Botanicals drives to your property to assess the work required.

Drawing around the work area, you will be able to mark out your lawn, your hedges(s), and other areas of your garden that require our expertise. The interactive map will indicate the length & width, or diameter & circumference, of the plotted area, and the square area covered by your plot. Accompanied by photographs and any measurements you have taken manually, will allow us to generate 99% of estimates and quotations without the need to visit your property beforehand.

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